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a site for digging into data on transit systems around the world

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trnzt provides useful analysis of transit system data

Transit is awesome! It helps connect people with the places they want and need to go.

Understanding and navigating transit systems is as useful a skill as understanding and navigating street networks and highway systems.

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Using a map, locate routes and stops that are nearby.

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Dig into the directory of transit agencies.


About trnzt

This is a website made by transit and data enthusiasts. Transit is one important part of addressing the climate emergency, and helping to explore and analyze data as it pertains to its structure and use is one way to improve our collective understanding of it.

The data presented here is the result of aggregating transit agency's GTFS data, identified in The Mobility Database. For each transit agency listed, there's a process to download and parse the GTFS data and transform it into pages on this site.

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